We are Ashley Moore, Lauren Malloy and Emma Moore - three mama friends with an appreciation for traditional knowledge. One, a folk herbalist, one, an animal specialist and one, a cook extraordinaire.  We were drawn together to share our own skills as well as to learn new ones. It was this sense of sharing which inspired our vision of bringing women together to resurrect the arts and the crafts from decades past, while encouraging a feeling of sisterhood, that Women’s Heritage was born. And then along came Heritage Goods and Supply, our store, Located in Carpinteria, Ca is based on our speclaities and you can find unique goods from herbal supply, to specialty foods, animal supply, functional clothing and shoes and more! We hold a range of workshops in our space and are so passionate about sharing all aspects of the homestead.

The goal of our company is to bring elements of the homestead into everyday life. We understand in today's world women are extraordinarily busy and making things from scratch or even learning a new skill can seem daunting.  We hope to inspire women to explore, discover and learn new passions and skills.