Calendula Oil Recipe

Calendulas are in bloom all over SB right now. They are big and beautiful, and they are also excellent for treating so many things, from eczema to breast infections. Calendula infused oil is amazing for treating all kinds of skin complaints, and for overall skin health.

Use it to treat cradle cap and dandruff (rub a little on scalp before shampooing), apply a little to dry skin patches or minor cuts to promote healing, or use all over as a body oil after bathing for glowing skin.

Calendula Oil Recipe


  • organic olive oil
  • fresh or dried calendula flowers


1. Fill a glass jar 2/3 full of fresh calendula blossoms, just opened or to discourage the chance of mold growth, substitute 1/3 jar dried calendulas for the fresh flowers.

2. Fill to 1 inch from the top of jar with organic olive oil.

3. Screw on lid and set on a sunny windowsill, or outside somewhere where it will get sun most of the day.

4. Shake daily.

5. After 4 weeks, your oil is ready.
Strain through cheesecloth to remove the plant material and store in a glass jar in a dark place (your bathroom medicine cabinet is great).

Love, Ashley


Photos by Lauren Ross