A New Year of Natural Beauty

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Skin Health for Beauty and a Healthy Body

Taking good care of our skin not only keeps us looking healthy, radiant and beautiful, but it also supports the health of the entire body. Without knowing it, most people are sabotaging their skin, which disrupts the health and balance of their bodies.

Luckily, it is both simple and pleasurable to care for our skin, and you can give your body’s largest organ the royal treatment with a few easy techniques: regular dry-brushing and bathing, exercise, avoiding wearing synthetic fabrics, keeping a healthy diet, and using only products that are completely pure and natural, with organic ingredients and free of any preservatives and toxins.

By now, many of us know that our skin is our largest organ. But what does it do?  Beyond keeping our insides all wrapped up and providing a barrier against germs and infection, our skin performs the the important functions of respiration (breathing) and excretion (expelling toxins out of our bodies).  If our skin cannot do one or the other function, our kidneys, liver, and lymph are having to pick up the slack.

The skin cannot perform its duties if the pores become blocked. The pores are the way through which toxins exit the body, and if they are clogged, these toxins will accumulate and remain in the body. Things that can block the pores include dead skin cells as well as products such as most lotion and other moisturizers.


In order to keep dead skin cells from blocking your pores, a good practice is dry brushing and regular bathing. Dry brushing involves using a natural bristle brush to brush the skin in little strokes, always starting from the extremities and brushing towards the heart, before bathing. This both exfoliates the skin and promotes circulation.

As for what we put on our skin, it is important to first consider, “could I eat this product.”  The body has to process the things our skin absorbs just as it has to process the food we eat.  Moisturizers and cleansers should be made with organic ingredients and not contain any preservatives or chemicals. It is important to note that just because something is sold in a health food store, that does not necessarily make it healthy. Most of the lotions and creams you will find on the shelves contain plenty of toxins, even if they are “organic.”

We will continue to hold workshops and post recipes and techniques for healthy DIY skincare, and our Women’s Heritage skincare line “Beautyshare” is always free of chemicals, toxins, and preservatives, made with the highest quality ingredients. We think of it like health food for your skin!

With proper care, our hard-working skin will be radiant and beautiful, helping to rid the body of poisons and help us stay healthy.

Be well!

Love, Ashley

*This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed health care practitioner.