All About Beautyshare

We at Women's Heritage believe in going back to basics, even when we are talking about skincare.  This is why we have developed "BeautyShare" - a small batch, handmade beauty line with only the purest, freshest ingredients with no additives!  In these modern times it is easy to forget simple, pure and clean are better.  

The commercialization of skincare has changed what women put on their faces, just as fast food chains have changed the American diet.  Food should not last forever (I think most of us know this!).  Healthy food is quite perishable and should be consumed fresh for the best nutrition.  The same goes for skincare.  Without harmful preservatives and other synthetic additives, skincare will not last indefinitely.  A little mold on the lid of your face lotion after several months of use is actually a good sign.  Yes, it's a sign that it's time to get a new jar, but it is also a sign that your lotion is not made with synthetic preservatives.  

So how and why do we keep our products fresh?

  • We hand make each of our products in small batches of 10-15 units, which means the ingredients are at their peak potency, and because we make it so often we can avoid preservatives. 
  • We use the only highest quality, organic and natural ingredients including oils derived from beneficial plants. 
  • Our products are designed to nourish your skin, and to restore balance instead of stripping away your skin's natural oils and then trying to replace that lost moisture.
  • Our ingredients are pure and simple, with calendula, the skin's ally, as the base.

How and why did we develop BeautyShare?

When I learned about the questionable ingredients that were in my (natural, organic, from the health food store) skin care products I decided to make my own.  It took years of research and experimenting, trial and error, but I finally came up with products that performed  better than what I had been used to, and were also completely natural and free of any harmful ingredients.  We now have a full line available, a wash, a toner, a serum and a face lotion.

When we began Women's Heritage in 2016, we immediately dreamed of offering women a simple, handmade alternative to the average skincare.   We also feel strongly about teaching women how to make products themselves, so we have beauty DIY's on our blog and have instructional classes like our "Natural Skincare" coming this summer. 

This new wave of skin care, skin care that is perishable and truly natural, will take a bit of a paradigm shift for the general public, but we do know once people understand the difference and see the benefits of glowing, happy, healthy skin and body, there will be no going back!

Here's so healthy skincare!

Love, Ashley

Photos by Lauren Ross