Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Tis the season her in California for Meyer Lemons!  So if you want to preserve this sweet lemon to have all year round now is the perfect time!  Marmalade is labor intensive but I don't find it that  much harder then jam and your house will smell like spring freshness, so give it a try if you've never made it and make it again of you have. Good to plan on giving the project 2-3 hours. My favorite is this preserve is on top fresh sourdough bread and ricotta.


  •  9-10 lemons
  • 6 cups water 
  • 6 cups organic granulated sugar 


1. Wash lemons and cut off 1/4 inch of either end

2. Cut lemons into 1/4 segments

3. Remove any seeds or membranes and place in separate bowl

4. Cross cut all lemon segment into little triangles

5. Place lemons and water into a large pot (make sure its big)

6. Put seeds and membranes into cheesecloth and secure so it can simmer with lemons and water this will  help thicken the marmalade

7. Let boil for about 30 minutes or until lemon peel is soft then remove from heat

8. Remove cheesecloth bag and let cool until you can squeeze out extra pectin(  this can take 20 minutes) back into your lemon/water mixture

9. Add measured sugar and bring to boil

10. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon for 20-10 minutes. If foam is overflowing your pot reduce heat

11. Have a chilled plate in the freezer and test your marmalade on it by putting a small spoonful on it, if marmalade stays put and has thick consistency like egg yolk its ready, if it is sliding around plate and has a liquid consistancy keep cooking!

12. Ladle into jars

13. Can to preserve longer or keep in refrigerator 


Photo by Brittany Smith