Stressed? Try Magnesium Oil!


High levels of stress, trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep, muscle cramps, and chronic pain can all be symptoms of poor magnesium uptake. The studies I have read show that less than 30% of Americans are getting enough magnesium, and we need this vital mineral for the proper health of our bones, teeth, muscles and joints.

Magnesium levels in our bodies become depleted when we drink alcohol, coffee, tea, or soda, when we eat refined sugar and when we are under excess stress. Naturally occurring sources of magnesium are less available to us because over-farming has depleted the mineral levels in our soil and water filtration can remove the minerals from our drinking and cooking water.

In our family, we take CALM magnesium supplement from time to time, but our preferred method of upping our magnesium levels is topically. Swimming in the ocean is our favorite way to replenish magnesium, although since we are not able to do this every day we make our own magnesium "oil" and keep it in a spray bottle. After baths we spray it directly on our skin before applying lotion or herbal oil to moisturize.

Sometimes topical magnesium can feel itchy when first applied. This only lasts for a few minutes. Some say if you become itchy that is a sign that your magnesium levels are depleted, and once they are restored you won't have that reaction. I find that applying lotion or herbal oil after spraying on magnesium oil keeps us from feeling itchy, and it also helps to use less magnesium flakes and more water in your recipe if you find yourself to be sensitive.

Making your own magnesium oil spray is simple:

  1. Put 1c magnesium chloride flakes into a glass or ceramic bowl.
  2. Pour 1c of freshly boiled distilled water over your flakes.
  3. Stir with a wooden spoon until the flakes are dissolved.
  4. Once your mixture cools a bit, pour it into a spray bottle and store on the shelf in your bathroom.

You can make less or more, depending on your family size and how often you will be using your spray. Just use a 1:1 ratio of magnesium chloride flakes to distilled water.

Don't forget to take your calcium too as it helps with magnesium absorption. 

Wishing you lots of calm energy and restful sleep!


Photos by Lauren Ross