Sunset Magazine Feature

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We are thrilled to be in the November 2017 Issue of Sunset! 

When friends Lauren Malloy, Ashley Moore and Emma Moore (no relation) - an animal specialist, folk herbalist and expert home cook, respectively- set out to teach old-school skills like cow milking and cheesemaking, they weren't sure how many people would show up. But shortly after the Santa Barbra County- based trio launched Women's Heritage roughly two years ago, their monthly workshops (which run the gamut from welding to wreath making) began selling out. Now they have opened Heritage Goods and Supply, a country-style general store in beach-centric Carpinteria, where they stock Instagram ready ingredients for the urban homestead lifestyle- think Weck jars and Current Elliot denim. Got questions on beekeeping, growing an herbal remedy garden, or raising backyard chickens? You'll find tips (and baby chicks!) on hand. The goal say the women, is to bring back community. "You can keep your modern life and bring in elements from the years past," says Ashley. "When you make something from scratch, you have a connection to it and all the people you made it with."

-Words by Jennifer Blaise Krammer


Women's Heritage