I want bees! The how, what why and when.

I want bees! The how, what why and when.


Join Local bee expert Nick Wigle from Super Bee Rescue for a fun afternoon learning about bees. You have had getting bees on you bucket list for a long time but did not know where to start. We can help! Jump in with both feet and learn why the bees are so important, what you can do to help and most importantly how to get bees. If we have over 10 participants one person will even get a gift certificate for a colony of bees called a Nuc. We will have special class only prices for those who decide they are ready after the class. We will also get you up to speed on the local beekeeper culture and our local Santa Barbara Surviver Mutt Bees.

•Learn how to find, rescue or buy bees

•What it takes to get started in beekeeping and the different types of hives.

•We will talk specifically about your location and placement of bees. Send pictures of your yard and address to nick@superbeerescue.com and we will discuss

•See a live beehive up close with our observation hive.

WHEN: June 16th, 1-4 pm

WHERE: Heritage Goods and Supply

TEACHER: Nick Wigle

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